Our Advantge

AI Enabled Mobile Applications

We keep launching innovating mobile applications to consumers. Launching these mobile applications helps us answer key questions around scale, deployment, capabilities, etc. Our unique advantage is that we are able to bring these consumer grade innovation to your enterprise problems For instance one of our applications can auto detect a skin lesion, or a flower type. Although useful in the consumer world, we can now use these capabilities to help classify the images that are being collected in your enterprise into categories of your choice. We aren't just limited to images, we can do the same for text, speech, and customer interaction logs.

Deep Learning Platform

We have designed our platform in such a unique way that each important piece is a component that can easily be modified to suit a new application. Deep Learning Platform has components such as amazon mechanical turk, image generators, image classifiers, video editors, sequence translators, sentence labelers, etc. Each can then be reused to enable diverse set of applications.

Mobile First

We decided to specialize in mobile because this is where AI shines the most. In the mobile world is data being captured and systems should leverage the fact that data can be sent and received on time. However mobile is hard. Should we run the model on the device? Or should we deploy the model on the server? What size of images are enough to work with? etc. Sublime AI's has done tons of research to answer some of these questions.

White Labeled, Affordable, and Fast

Its virtually impossible to build a white labeled deep learning mobile application at the cost and speed we offer. In every organization the realization is clear that AI must be leveraged. However, cookie cutter applications can't be used because every organizations data sets, target classifications, use cases, etc are different. Which means you need to develop custom models for each organization and use case


We have been skeptics of any new technology. However, we are convinced that deep learning is truly going to eat the world. However you might not know how it can benefit your enterprise. We offer consultation to help you crystallize application given the top business functions that are data heavy. Our consultation is unique because it marries deep mathematical concepts and understanding of deep learning with diverse business applications and data sets.


“Sublime AI's engine was impressive. It helped us deliver a very innovative mobile app to accompany our product lauch so that customers could engage by submitting AI enabled artwork for our new brand.”

Liza Jons

“Sublime Engineers were very hands on. I did not feel I was talking to a marketing team. We got straight to brainstorming. I got a crash course in deep learning which helped me map the platform's capabilites to the problems we had. We have just started with one AI deployment. However this is just the first of many to come.”

Mark Brown