Blake is an AI Assistant to the DBA. It can Significantly Improve the performance of your SAP databases without needing costly and time consuming system upgrades.


Collect logs, SQL queries, query times, frequency, table schemas, version, etc
Machine learning is used to detect high opportunity queries and analyze the corresponding SQL against database schema and content. Predictive analysis is done to forecast database trend to further optimize the analysis.
Blake generates recommendations for table partitioning, compression, indexing, backup, etc associated with a estimate of the savings.
Blake specialists or company DBA then applies the recommendations (for e.g. partitions, compresses, moves data out of the database into secondary storage, etc)
Once applied the SQL queries are re-run in sandbox environment to verify performance improvements, check for any performance degradations, and reductions in database size. Steps 1-4 are repeated until sufficient improvements are obtained.
Blake then monitors the database for changes in query patterns and storage and alerts any new recommendations.


Amazon Redshift
Microsoft SQL Server


Question Answer
What is Blake? Blake uses artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly improve performance of your SAP databases
How does Blake do this? Blake takes various inputs like database query logs, databases versions, hardware, etc and then suggests a schema optimized for performance.
What is an example of an optimization? Blake can detect which queries take the longest, are most frequent, and decide what is the best keys to partition a table so that queries can now run 10 times faster.
Why did we start Blake? We noticed that one of the key reasons to upgrade to the latest SAP databases was performance. However, organizations don't upgrade because it costs millions and in some cases can be years of work. Result is that organizations are stuck with slow performance. We started Blake to fix this problem and give organizations the performance boost they have been waiting for without to go through lengthy and expensive system upgrades.
What are the key benefits? Save millions of dollars: No need for costly, time-consuming, resource-intensive, disruptive upgrades of SAP databases for getting performance boosts. Save months and years: Lightweight, and easy to use. Blake analyzes the database query logs, current schema, hardware configs, etc. to come up with a new schema optimized for performance. Future proof your application: The schema that Blake generates scales with increase in database size and query volume. Simply run Blake periodically to adapt to new query patterns and schema changes, or use our auto-pilot mode so that Blake runs in the background.
How do I get started? Collect > Benchmark > Tune Collect: Download our software: run it, and then upload the results. Benchmark: Blake will benchmark the performance and predict how effective it can be. Tune: provide us a sandbox environment where we can apply the suggested schema and profile the improvements. Like most AI and performance optimization software, we need some tuning to get the best results.
How do I know if your solution works? Collect > Benchmark > Tune
  • We have DBAs who have manually done this for many SAP databases with proven success
  • We can walk you through a sample
  • We have early reference customers who have seen huge benefits
  • Majority of our pay is dependent on the solution producing the performance lifts
  • How is Blake different from other solutions? Collect > Benchmark > Tune It works with your current SAP installation - no upgrades needed It is customized to unique requirements of your organization - AI is used to understand usage patterns and generate a schema specific and adaptive to your needs
    What is your company’s mission and vision? To provide an AI assistant for your database admin tasks. Other tasks on our road map
  • Smart Compression
  • Monitoring Database Environments: companies have many environments such as production, stagings, test, or development. We are building AI that can detect differences between these environment and alert thereby saving frustration of undesirable bugs, and faulty updates
  • Database Storage: given the number of storage environments such as SSDs, secondary storage, archives, cloud, etc it gets very challenging to maintain the best place to store data. We are building AI that can detect the best place for your data depending on its nature and usage.
  • Blockchain databases: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have introduced a new paradigm of distributed databases that are secure and public. We are helping companies migrate their applications to blockchain databases and smart contracts so that companies can offer to their customers cheaper, faster, and safer transactions.

    Smart Compression
    Medium Benefits: Significant cost savings by reducing database size without sacrificing performance.
    Smart Partition
    Benefit: Significant performance increase by fitting more in memory
    Smart Archiving
    Benefit: Significant cost savings by archiving unused data and thus reducing database size.
    Smart Compression, Partitioning, and Archiving
    Benefit: Save implementation costs by leveraging the common activities across the above.