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AI ChatBot for Surveys, Market Research

For Marketers, Product Managers, User Experience Designers

SurveyBot makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights using a natural chat interface.

Like humans, questions that SurveyBot asks dynamically change based on answers from your audience. The Result: higher survey completion rates, and richer data collection.

AI for Content Writing

For Marketers, Product Managers, Content Writers

An Experiment in the next genration of writing. AI Story Writer was trained to write stories. You can ask "Please write me a story of a soldier and his last journal entry" Story writer can be training to write on your data. Your e-mails, langing pages, marketing materials, use-case documents, etc...

AI for Inventory Management

For Manufacturers, Inventory Management

Using Artifical Intelligence the Smart Counter is able to count inventory, number of logs before onboarding a truck, count the number of cells in a microscopic image, count number of cars in a parking lot, count the number of trees in a satellite image, etc...

AI for Education and Corporate Training

For Education, Professors, Book Publishers, Coaching Centers

An AI app that automatically generates thousands of quality test items, exam questions, and assessments based on the content of textbooks or online courses. It can also help greatly in the test item authoring process.

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AI for Retail Audits

For Retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturers

Smart Audit using Deep Learning and Computer Vision to analyze products (Soaps, Shampoos, Diapers, etc) on a shelf and then tries to find missing products, misplaced products, new products, etc. Just with a single image SmartAudit automates collecting rich data about your product or competition.

AI for Patient History Collection

For Doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Students

VirtualSathi is an AI app that automatically generates questions to ask the patient based on the symptoms they enter, the reports they upload, and the medicines they are taking. VirtualSathi makes collecting patient data seemless.

AI for Human Voice

For Therapist, Mindfullness Teachers, Meditation Centers

SelfTalk has learnt from thousands of motivational and meditation videos and uses a deep learning model to create meditations on a topic in natural voice.

AI Engine - Video Tagger

For Developers wanting to use Computer Vision AI in their Apps

Video Tagger is able to understand various objects in a video and then track them.

AI Engine - Image Tagger

For Developers wanting to use Computer Vision AI in their Apps

Image Tagger is able to understand various objects in an image

AI Based DataBase Compression

For IT trying to reduce costs, improve performance

Blake is an AI Assistant to the DBA. It can Significantly Improve the performance of your SAP databases without needing costly and time consuming system upgrades. Blake uses AI to analyze the query logs to come up with recommendations such as what table, columns and their combinations to compress, which ones to index, etc.